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About DLI MI

​​​​​​​​​​DLI MI provides data and insights for companies, patients, healthcare practitioners and payers in the Life Sciences. We do that by offering vast sales data coverage, scientific research, profound knowledge of health science and local anchoring in the Nordics.

This is how we can help you gain new insights:

  • Vast sales data coverage in the Nordics
    Our analyses and sales data give you exclusive insight into daily sales of all prescription medicine, sales of OTC products and pharmacy branded goods in the Nordics. As an example, we cover 99.7% of the Danish market and have more than 40 years of experience of Market Intelligence in the industry.
  • Scientific research and Real World Evidence Studies
    We have extensive experience with accessing, analysing and interpreting registry data in observational studies without losing touch with the clinical reality in which patients are treated. We analyse the dynamics behind the market, which leads to actionable insights based on the patient treatment reality. Insights that are valuable to both companies, patients, HCPs and payers.
  • Profound knowledge of health science
    We know the professional healthcare challenges, the political agendas and the industry’s requirements. We have in-depth knowledge of current market dynamics, our network is comprehensive and our advisers have many years of experience from the pharmaceutical industry and from the public health care sector.
  • Local anchoring in the Nordics
    Keeping up-to-date on where and when important decisions are made is a fulltime job. We are there every day, constantly keeping up-to-date with central decision-making processes across the Nordic countries. We also know when changes happen and what they mean to your processes.

About DLI MI – quick facts:

  • 40+ years’ experience of Market Intelligence in the pharma industry
  • Close collaboration with the industry and owned by the Danish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Unique model for sharing market insight with market players
  • Strong network with the regulators and wholesalers
  • Medicinal product statistics covering 99.7% of sales on the Danish market
  • Extensive, reliable datasets with daily updates for 60,000 product lines
  • Among the most reliable pharma product statistics in the world with 20+ data sources
  • Access to the whole Nordic region via Nordic collaboration on exchange of data


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