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Know your treatment impact by Real World Studies

The growing need to document the impact of your medical treatment give rise to analyses based on the treatment reality your patients meets: Real World Studies.




Real World Studies discloses the patient treatment reality and can document your product’s benefits. Patients expect this kind of information. Health care practitioners (HPC) as well as payers ask for it. Your stakeholders rightfully want to know what works. They want evidence from the real world.

If these demands are critical to your success, we recommend that you:

  • Actively start working with Real World Studies and give patients, HCPs and payers the knowledge they request.
  • Use Real World Studies as yet another tool in your dialogue with stakeholders and as valid input in your own R&D- and sales efforts.

Real World Studies are observational studies based on data from real life as opposed to randomised clinical studies, which are governed by predefined inclusion criteria and end points. Real World Studies are fact based and in many cases complementary to both clinical evidence and conventional market analysis and therefore a new source for market insights.


​​​Working with DLI MI
At DLI MI we combine market data with the vast amount of patient data compiled in clinical databases, prescription registry etc. DLI MI have extensive experience with accessing, analysing and interpreting registry data in observational studies without losing touch with the clinical reality in which patients are treated. We analyse the dynamics behind the market, which leads you to actionable insights based on the patient treatment reality.

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Reach out if you want to extend your existing knowledge with Real World Studies.

The new reality for prioritisation of medicines in Denmark
Whitepaper: Beyond Real World Evidence
Go beyond Real World Evidence and utilise Real World Data throughout the organisation.

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