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Develop your brand

Developing your product into a brand and addressing your clients’ specific needs require that you reach out to your end users. Align your communication with your target audiences and take control of your brand development.




Get out there and watch your clients. Understand what drive them. What is on their minds? See and understand how your product is perceived and used in patients’ daily life and perceived by health care practitioners.

As part of a client-centric approach we recommend that you:

  • Analyse the perception of your product among the stakeholders
    Investigate your product in relation to competing products and treatments
  • Conduct patient analyses and archetypes based on which you can strengthen your messaging statements

This kind of insight gives you a strong starting point for working proactively with your positioning and obtain a strong brand position for your product.


Working with DLI MI
Knowing the Danish healthcare system from the inside and having conducted multiple studies exploring stakeholders and end users, we can help you to tailor the analysis that meet your challengers. Our approach includes exactly those tools required to give you the insight you need  into PLC management.
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Call us, if you want to develop your brand based on market data and patient-centric qualitative research.

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