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Build your business case

In order to get to the core of which decisions are best for your business you need a fact-based business case that identifies real opportunities.




Whether you are starting a new business, want to expand your existing business into new therapeutic areas, or you are looking to revitalise an old brand, you are about to make important decisions that will have an impact on your business. ​

Building your business case with DLI MI ensures that you get the best possible starting point, as you will:

  • Follow a proven process for building your business case that will guide you through the right questions.
  • Build various scenarios with different approaches pinpointing your business benefits and required financial outcome of your investment. 
  • Expand your own market understanding with new data dimensions, which will further your own search for new opportunities.

DLI MI can explore, map and deliver operational insights and solid opportunities for your business case. We know the dynamics of the pharmaceutical industry and we have the skills to build the business scenario that empower your decisions.


Working with DLI MI
Our approach is always data-driven and utilising our Nordic sales data giving a 100% overview of the market situation. We combine the best methods and set the optimum team for the task – from Big Data analysts to Market Access specialists.


Get in touch
Call us if you want to discuss how to build a business case that best support you in making decisions that deliver the required return on investment.

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Mette Tang Lohse
Chief Advisor
P: +45 31 707 874

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DLI MI offers
40+ years’ experience of Market Intelligence in the pharma industry.

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