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Public decision-makers

Work with public decision-makers

Make sure all decision-makers have timely access to required information and adjust your messaging to meet their specific needs.

The Danish Medicines Council, The Reimbursement Committee, Amgros, Danish Regions.. The list of councils, committees and others is long. Knowing how to prioritise your networking efforts, can make a huge impact on how successful you are in getting your messages across to the right people.




Interdisciplinary decisions in larger groups
The decision about which medicinal products to use within which therapeutic areas is not the exclusive right of a few named clinicians, but a decision made in coordination among a row of councils and committees. The decisions are interdisciplinary and made in the larger group, which is also why considering the various areas of expertise and professional interest among the group members is mandatory for your success.


Trends and megatrends
The strategies and principles underlying the decision making in the medicines area are driven by trends and mega trends in the Danish public health care sector. Therefore, knowing of e.g. the new quality program, the value based paradigm or the strategic focus on patient reported outcome can guide you to plan and manage your messaging on the long term.

Working with DLI MI
We know the Danish decision-making processes and help you determine which types of decision-makers are important for the authorisation and take-up of your product. In close cooperation with you we prepare analyses that support your messaging and strengthen your credibility in the dialogue with decision-makers.


Get in touch
Reach out if you want to strengthen your dialogue with decision-makers.

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Chief Advisor
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..or call us for more information

Niels Christian Hirsch
Chief Advisor
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Part of our foundation is the strong network we have with regulators and wholesalers

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“Getting the dialogue right with public decision-makers often makes the difference between my client’s success and failure. Substance is what matters. I am familiar with public decision-making from the inside, and offer this to guide my clients case-by-case.”
Ulla Ege Johansen
Chief Advisor

10-05-2017 15:29