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Optimise your market presence

For better results in the Danish hospital market we challenge you to see obstacles in a new perspective and consider novel approaches.

If you know that your medicinal product can potentially perform better, let someone outside the organisation who knows the dynamics of the Danish healthcare system challenge your strategy.




Maybe you have lost a tender. Maybe your medicinal product has shifted from general to conditional reimbursement. No matter the reason, you now consider strengthening your market position, and one or more of the following issues may be at stake:

  • Unfortunate and unnecessary mistakes in the bidding process are a hindrance.
  • Limited understanding of the Danish processes in relation to the clinical treatment guidelines, tender business and the reviews from the Institute for Rational Pharmacotherapy has become a barrier.
  • The description of the medicinal product in the summary of product characteristics (SPC) has a narrow focus and differentiating features take an inferior position.
  • Inappropriate or inadequate positioning in relation to the Danish market puts your medicinal product in a weaker position.

The right adviser challenges you and helps you to see strengths and weaknesses in a clearer light.


Working with DLI MI
Advice from DLI MI will always be individual and based on your product and market. The advisers you meet have indepth insights, competences and experience to challenge your way of working with public decision-makers and positioning your product in the Danish market.


Get in touch
Reach out if you want our support in strengthening your position on the Danish  pharmaceutical market.

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Contact me if you need to know more

Ulla Ege Johansen
Chief Advisor
P: +45 22 746 019

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..or call me for more information

Niels Christian Hirsch
Chief Advisor
P: +45 39 150 967

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