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Get internal buy-in

Get buy-in from internal stakeholders

Lack of understanding of the Danish market among internal stakeholders can be a challenge and potentially an internal barrier for success.

If people inside your own organisation get impatient and demand instant results, you may want to have someone from outside the organisation to explain the distinct characteristics of the Danish market, such as the facts that:  

  • Formal decisions on which medicines to use in Danish hospitals follow specific steps that require insights and knowledge to manage.
  • The Danish Medicines Council does not want a traditional presentation of the medicinal product, e.g. they need to see the product in a Danish context.
  • The Danish Medicines Council represents different stakeholders that requires different perspectives. These should be present in your presentation.
  • At the time of submitting a tender bid you commit to supplying whatever amount the hospitals wish to buy, whereas the other way around the hospitals are not subjected to any kind of demands to buy anything.

Holding many years’ experience from the pharmaceutical industry and public councils DLI MI can support you in addressing and dealing with these and related issues.

Working with DLI MI
Our approach varies from case to case. We have helped companies with everything from presenting the Danish tender and bid process in the organisation to analysing the price development on the Danish market or supporting the ongoing dialogue with internal stakeholders.

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Reach out if you are working on a project where internal buy-in is important.

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