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Deploy New Medicine

​Enter the Danish market and take-up of new medicine

Follow Danish rules and regulations to make sure you are on the right track as you penetrate the Danish market for hospital medicines.




Your medicinal product has been authorised for the European market and you now have to apply for national authorisation in order to enter the Danish market.

With most of the medicinal products used in Danish hospitals being government procurement driven, they are subject to public tender rules.  The Danish market for hospital medicines is considered as an on-off-market.

Get advise in one or more areas:

  • The different phases of the bid process, including the possibilities that the new tender law gives, as well as important deadlines and format requirements.
  • Positioning of your medicinal product so you can decide whether to build your strategy around uniqueness or substitutability.
  • Assessment of barriers for the take-up of your product that you need to consider before entering the market.
  • The cultural context and the many ”dos” and ”don’ts” before meeting the Medical Committee, including preparing presentations that take into consideration particular circumstances in Danish society.
  • The dialogue with the pharmaceutical procurement service (Amgros), decision-makers in the five Danish regions (the payers) and clinics.

In an on/off-market like the Danish market for hospital medicines it is critical to know that the process follows its own cycle, whether you are ready or not. If you miss  a meeting in the Medical Committee or you file your documentation too late, your only option is to do better next time.


Working with DLI MI
With competent advice  prior to market entry and deployment of new medicine, you save time and avoid unnecessary mistakes. This strengthens your possibilities of a safe entry into the Danish market.


Get in touch
Reach out if you are about to make your way into the Danish market and you want to get things right from the very beginning.

The new reality for prioritisation of medicines in Denmark

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