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Danish Market Insights

Instant insight into the Danish market

Depending on the depth you wish, the markets you cover and your organisational requirements, the optimum Market Intelligence solution will give you the insight and overview you need when you need it.

Need insight to define and follow up on your sales targets? Our data coverage and analysis tools are built to support your need for timely data of high quality.


Valid data on a daily basis
The DLI MI pharmaceutical sales statistics cover 99.7% of the Danish market. More than 20 sources of data make the statistics almost complete and make it one of the world's most reliable medical statistics. Data is updated on a daily basis, based on yesterday’s sales figures, giving you instant insight into how sales develop in the Danish pharmaceutical market.


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Contextual intelligence
Content as well as delivery method and frequency has to match your business’ need for Market Intelligence. Context means everything and therefore we strive to get you the data you need, when you need it and in the format that is right for you. Based on the Pharmaview database DLI MI offers several angles to data driven market insight and we differ from other suppliers in the field in that we can provide data at aggregate brick level and down to pharmacy account level.

These are some of the information needs that we cover:

  • Geographical distribution (country, region, brick, pharmacy)
  • Split by ATC-group
  • Split by product
  • Split by package size
  • Split by manufacturer
  • Price information (PPP)
  • Split by value/volume


Facts about sales data from DLI MI
We gather data from a range of trusted sources and align it to provide a meaningful insight into the pharmaceutic market for our customers. The database covers all registered sales of prescription medicinal products, OTC products in Denmark and the selling of a set of branded goods sold by the pharmacies. Data from wholesalers is registered, managed and mastered on a daily basis to make sure that the database is always up to date.

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We are eager to know what you want to accomplish and which kind of insight you need.

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DLI MI offers
One of the most reliable pharma product statistics in the world with 20+ data sources

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