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Customised solutions to your specific needs

Have your data solutions designed to fit the individual needs of specific work roles, business units or to match particular company requirements.

When one-size-fits-all does not work for you, you may want to look for analyses and tools built for your business needs in particular.

You may have a need for:

  • Tailor-made reports for management level and for reporting back to the HQ
  • Particular rendering of data at a frequency and level of detail specified by you
  • Automated high quality data feed delivered to your proprietary solution

No matter what your requirements are, you can rely on our team of experienced programmers and analysts to support you in tailoring the right solution.

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Working with DLI MI
DLI MI relies on advanced and proven technology in order to handle data securely. We use the latest software versions and patch our systems to enable a smooth and reliable system.


Get in touch
If you are looking  for something out of the ordinary, get in touch and let us talk about what your requirements are and how we can  assist you.

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feel free to call me

Jonas Steenvinkel
Senior Consultant
P: +45 53 777 673

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...or call us for more information

Søren Hvidsten Nielsen
Senior Consultant
P: +45 39 150 985

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Mark Johansen
Senior Consultant
P: +45 39 150 974

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DLI MI offers
Extensive, reliable datasets with daily updates for 60,000 product lines.

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“To me market insights is not about acquiring a wealth of data, but rather to assess the need for market insights, acquire them and make sure the insights are used in the best way possible. My focus is to ensure you the full business value from new market insights.”
Søren Hvidsten Nielsen
Senior Consultant

24-04-2017 09:30