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Consolidated Nordic market insights

Four markets gathered in one solution gives you access to consolidated and ready to use sales data across the Nordics. Having insights into the unique characteristics of the Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Danish markets strengthens your market position.

There are many common features in the Nordic market: high living standards, high education and information level as well as a large focus on balancing safety, professional competency and financial issues. However, in many areas, regulation in the individual markets differs widely which affect sales and market dynamics.

Getting the details right may be exactly what you need to be successful. This is what you get:

  • Monthly updated data

  • Clear overview of competitors

  • Detailed product information

  • Data at brick level

  • Operational segments/sectors

  • The right measures for monitoring your sales

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Working with DLI MI and Nordic Pharma Insights

DLI MI teams up with leading providers of national pharmaceutic sales data in the other Nordic countries. This strong partnership, Nordic Pharma Insights, is your pathway to valid and consolidated data across the Nordics.


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If you are activ​e in more than one of the Nordic market consider getting sales data from the Nordic Pharma Insights database. Call us to hear more about the options.

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Senior Consultant
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...or call us for more information

Søren Hvidsten Nielsen
Senior Consultant
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Mark Johansen
Senior Consultant
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Nordic collaboration
Access to the whole Nordic Region via Nordic collaboration on exchange of data

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“Increasing demands to make more with less put immense pressure on you. Data driven analyses can support your efforts and an initial meeting will help us get right to the core of what to prioritize.”
Jonas Steenvinkel
Senior Consultant

24-04-2017 09:28