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​Tender business can be lost even when won

Monitoring your tender sales once the tender is won is standard operating procedure. Comparing current sales to the sales expected based on the tender premises might provide you with unexpected insights.


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Monitor if your tender business is taking off as planned. The sooner you know the direction your sales are taking the better you can deal with the challenges ahead.

Make sure that you:

  • Know if your tender sales depart from the expected sales track
  • Understand the dynamics between first and second line use
  • Address the sales development before it develops into an issue

Working with DLI MI
In close cooperation with secondary sector customers, DLI MI has developed a number of analysis tools alerting you if tender sales are diverting from the track on which your budget rely.


​Get in touch
Are you Interested in receiving alerts when your tender sales are diverting from the expected track?


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Give me a call to learn more

Ulla Ege Johansen
Chief Advisor
P: +45 22 746 019

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..or call me for more information

Niels Christian Hirsch
Chief Advisor
P: +45 39 150 967

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"When you win a tender, you rightfully might expect to achieve the level of sales stipulated in the tender. However, this is not always the case"
Ulla Ege Johansen
Chief Advisor

27-03-2017 16:26