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​Smarter pricing minimises vulnerabilities1)

With price being the one parameter with highest impact on your bottom line, a structured and well-documented approach to price setting is mandatory.

The optimum approach to pricing includes processes that:

  • Make sure your analysis documentation is expansive enough and consider the accumulation of experience
  • Avoid situations where your pricing suffers because the people involved are incapacitated.
  • Align resources to correspond with the product portfolio and avoid that one or more pricing opportunities are excluded with a negative bottom line effect.

A systematic approach combines people and the appropriate systems to harvest the insights.


Pricing that revitalises or protects
Depending on where your product is in the product lifecycle, active pricing might be a tool to either revitalise your product during maturity or protect your product when you lose patent protection.


Graph showing increased sales


Optimise your pricing with DLI MI
With our insights, access to latest sales data and knowledge of the Danish pricing dynamics we help you:

  • Analyse the robustness of your pricing strategy
  • Assess essential criteria for success with on-going pricing
  • Handle organisational vulnerability in processes around pricing

By benchmarking your way of pricing with industry standards, you ensure that your pricing is competitive and your business processes are reliable.


Get in touch
To us pricing is never a trivial task, and we love to hear your considerations and share our experiences.


1) Price competitiveness in Denmark is underlined by the fact that new prices are reported to authorities biweekly. Price reporting to authorities can be both complex in terms of the number of parameters required assessing the optimal price for the coming 2 weeks, and demanding in terms of the manpower needed to attend to a portfolio of products within a short time frame.

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