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Improve your sales force effectiveness

Segment your primary care doctors based on granular sales data and market insights. This enables your sales force to select even more precisely those doctors who are likely to benefit your sales.

Although sales force effectiveness is a straightforward exercise to most sales managers, the tools and techniques can be more or less sophisticated. Empower your sales force to target their sales calls at GPs holding a sizeable potential.


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DLI MI offer you Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE) based on granular data and proven analysis tools. We help you to assess the impact of your sales organisations effort on market sales and benchmark sales representatives’ performance across territories.

Get insights into the impact of “closed” GPs and evaluate sales capacity needs along the product lifecycle. We have sharpened these and many other Sales Force Effectiveness exercises with granular data and methodology enabling more precise results. All in support of your effectiveness endeavours.

If your market focus is on primary care, you can rely on unique tools and insights available from DLI MI to facilitate optimisation of your business – whether new or on-going business.


Working with DLI MI
More than 10 years’ experience helping segment and target GPs and pharmacies based on the best possible data available and working with most of the top 20 companies with primary care sales forces is your guarantee that we can also help you to raise the effectiveness of your sales force.


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