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Empower teams to base decisions on data

Enable your sales representatives and Key Account Managers to become true managers of their own territory.

Tools that visualise otherwise dull spreadsheets release “behind desk time,” help the sales team be more effective and improve general understanding of the market development.

A range of benefits associated with the ability to access data when required:

  • Better planning of sales calls – sales representatives are well prepared for every sales call and the customer situation can be assessed in advance
  • The results-oriented sales representative can track the outcome of increased efforts and follow the sales development for own and competing products.
  • Data transparency comes easy. Everyone shares the same data and versions and conflicting information is hence avoided.

Time otherwise used to analyse sales reports is used as active in-field time thereby making your organisation more efficient.


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Empower your sales team with DLI MI
Tailor- made to your requirements and based on your specific markets, DLI MI customises solutions to the needs of your organisation and ensures that results are implemented to improve the efficiency of everyone affected in the sales organisation.


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Medicinal product statistics covering 99.7% of sales on the Danish market

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